So I finished the Twinklebear SDL2 Tutorials and they were great, I did something I usually don’t do when I am working on tutorials and that was I typed everything out by hand rather than reading and running. I’m not sure how much more I will retain but I have heard that this should be a much easier way to learn but man was that a lot of typing. Guess I can’t really complain since I do type all day everyday anyways.

After finishing the tutorials I am left with a good start on how SDL2 works but in a very C style of programming. However I want to write this in C++11 so I am going to have to OOP it up on what I have learned.

This is bringing me to a very interesting position. I am going to be developing a simple engine to make a game so that I know the basics and if I just go off of my “old and out of date” knowledge my brain is telling me to start planning inheritance trees and game entities. However I now know that theoritically making a video game while following a composition model is easier. However when researching the composition model I can’t seem to find anything on how to design a simple version. There is a lot of talk on how to make a large scalable version … but I need to learn to walk before I can run.

So it looks like it will be up to me to figure out how to implement a simple composition based game. I won’t be worrying about efficiency or “correctness” I will just be trying to avoid inheritance as much as possible and I will probably end up doing things that I should do better next time, but that’s called learning.

Off to make some C++ classes!