So finally getting back to my game development roots. I joined a course on Unity development that starts in September. However I have the itch to start now but I don’t want to invalidate the class by diving into Unity.

So I have decided instead to bide my time relearning lower level details. So I have decided to learn SDL2 to make a pretty simple game. What am I going to make? Well I don’t know yet but we’ll get to that later.

I used SDL 1.2 for a little bit back in highschool but I never made and final projects out of it. Well I have heard great things about SDL2 so might as well see what it has to offer. I began looking for some tutorials when I came across the classic lazyfoo SDL tutorials which I remember using back when I was learning SDL 1.2 and it turns out they have been updated to the new SDL 2.0 style. However for my relearning requirements I will actually be using the Twinklebear tutorials which I feel are a little cleaner though less content.

I am also going to be trying to write more blog posts. A personal issue I have is that I don’t like to do things if they have already been done but this is something that I have to get over when I am learning something new. Yes someone may have already done what I am doing and yes someone may have already written about it but the experience I will get from redoing and rewritting about what I am learning should be worth the effort.

So look forward to more posts.