Welcome to the first post of my Week in Review series. The purpose of these posts are so that I can attempt to keep track of what I am achieving and will allow me to maintain visibility on what is getting done rather than focusing soley on what still needs to be done.

What was done this week?

  • About Me post on Game Grue
  • Survival Shooter Unity Tutorials
  • Ionshard Project Page Template
  • Ionshard Projects given Descriptions
  • Half of the 2D Roguelike Unity Tutorial
  • Youtube video describing change in animation in Unity
  • Learned basic video editing in Blender

About Me post on Game Grue

I completed and published the first post on my Game Grue blog. This post was just a simple about me page that described my history with video games. It was a simple post to write but was a test of merit in the art of just writing.

Survival Shooter Unity Tutorials

Completed the Survival Shooter Unity tutorial, this was a great learning experience and really brought a lot of fundamentals about Unity to the surface. Asset creation was completely missed so that will still need to be figured out.

Ionshard Project Page Template

I built the new project template for this site. It was my first real mobile first design practice. I have always thought about mobile design however this was the first time I didn’t think about desktop design while figuring it out and then dealing with it later. It was very refreshing.

Ionshard Projects Given Descriptions

With the new template available the current projects needed final descriptions. The current projects aren’t using the newest features of the template but they will be there for future projects hosted here.

Half of the 2D Roguelike Unity Tutorial

This tutorial is for showing a code generated game and was very useful for showing more usage for the prefabs. The pacing is not the best and the tutorial really just teaches how to put already planned things together but continues to be a useful learning experience.

YouTube video describing change in animation in Unity

While working on the 2D Roguelike tutorial there was a change in how Unity handles animation creation that was causing confusing. Due to this I made a YouTube video describing these differences and what Unity was doing behind the scenes. This wasn’t meant to be a great video but a learning experience in YouTube video creation.

Learned basic video editing in Blender

With the above video being made it became necessary to learn how to better use the NLE video editing functionality of Blender. So I spent a little time working on those features.